Jorge Ivan Labrador
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My Biography

Hello, My Name is Jorge Ivan Labrador Aya

I was born on October 05 of 1998 in the Espinal-tolima

I Live at the Block I home 2,neighborhood Villa catalina

The name of my father is Jorge Ivan Labrador Peñaloza, He is Engineer Agronomist

The name of my mother is Luz Helena Aya Garcia, She is nurse ,she is the that have the uniform blue

I have two sisters and I am the oldest

My pet is a dog and her natacha

My favorite food is chop of pork

My Personality: I am Friendly, Happiness and Humble

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I would like to medicine at the University of Tolima

I would like to study medicine

My sport favorite it is Football

My favorite team the football is sports Tolima

I have a fear whit the darkness

we are a Small part of my family .For that the majority of my relatives are not of this city

They are my friends,With them I have shared almost quite my baccalaureate

This photo is in Ibagué , in the university of the tolima

This photo is in the swimming pool of The Naranjos

My mother ir my admiration because is a woman that strains very much for my brothers and me

I want to travel to paris since it has a very beautiful landscape, and to know the Eiffel Tower,